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Impression Techniques for Flabby Ridges

TASS: The 10-Article Starter Series-

Impression Techniques for Flabby Ridges


Flabby ridges, characterized by unsupported movable tissues in edentulous arches, have long posed challenges for prosthodontic practitioners during denture construction. Achieving accurate impressions while minimizing tissue distortion is crucial for ensuring optimal denture fit, retention, and stability. In this blog post, we will explore 10 informative articles, including case reports and reviews, that shed light on various impression techniques designed to address the complexities of flabby ridges. From pioneering insights to contemporary methods, these articles offer valuable knowledge to enhance the prosthodontic management of patients with flabby ridges.

The Quest for Precision: Pioneering Techniques


Zafrulla Khan, Joe H. Jaggers, Jeffrey S. Shay

Journal of the American Dental Association, 1981

Key Information:

This pioneering article discusses the challenges posed by edentulous arches with unsupported movable tissues during denture impressions. It introduces a new, quicker technique that minimizes distortion, providing valuable insights into impression methodology for flabby ridges.


Magnusson Bc, Engström H, Kahnberg Ke

British Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, 1986

Key Information:

This review presents histological characteristics of biopsies from flabby ridges, revealing metaplastic formation of bone and chondroid. The study explores the higher metabolic activity of cells near bone and cartilage, offering insights into tissue behavior in the presence of flabby ridges.

A Multifaceted View: Reviews on Impression Techniques for Flabby Ridges


R W I Crawford, Anthony Walmsley

British Dental Journal, 2005

Key Information:

This comprehensive review explores the challenges posed by fibrous alveolar ridges for dental prostheses. It provides an overview of various impression techniques tailored to optimize treatment for edentulous patients with flabby ridges.


F. Allen

Dental Update, 2005

Key Information:

This case report discusses the clinical challenges associated with the presence of flabby ridges in edentulous patients and proposes management strategies. The article emphasizes the application of recognized prosthodontic principles in addressing flabby edentulous ridges.

Modern Solutions: Innovative Impression Techniques


Christopher D. Lynch, Patrick Finbarr Allen

British Dental Journal, 2006

Key Information:

This review highlights the adverse effects of displaceable denture-bearing tissues, known as 'flabby ridges,' on denture support and stability. It introduces an impression technique utilizing commonly available polyvinylsiloxane dental materials to address the issue.


Bindhoo, V. R. Thirumurthy, Anjana Kurien

Journal of Prosthodontics, 2012

Key Information:

This article presents a clinical case featuring a generalized flabby maxillary edentulous ridge. A unique self-retaining split two-part special tray, based on magnetic attraction, achieves mucostatics during impression making without tissue distortion.

Innovative Approaches: Advancements in Impression Techniques


Umesh Y. Pai, Vikram Simha Reddy, Rushad Nariman Hosi

Case Reports in Dentistry, 2014

Key Information:

This case report introduces a newer impression technique for flabby tissues, combining contemporary and conventional dental materials. The technique aims to provide accurate and easy impressions for patients with compromised situations.


Michael H.C. Shum, Edmond H.N. Pow

Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, 2014

Key Information:

This case report proposes a modified impression technique for excessive movable tissue in complete denture prosthetics. Utilizing polyvinyl siloxane material and a custom tray with relief areas and perforations, it addresses challenges associated with movable tissue.

Tackling Clinical Challenges: Real-life Cases


Rubina Bansal, Manjit Kumar, R. Garg, R. Saini, Shaveta Kaushala

Indian Journal of Dentistry, 2014

Key Information:

This case report presents three prosthodontic rehabilitation cases with flabby ridges, showcasing different impression techniques used to overcome positioning and stability issues. Specialized impression techniques prove valuable in addressing challenges.


H. Aeran, Jyotsna Seth, Suyashvi Gupta, A. Dubey

International Journal of Oral Health Dentistry, 2019

Key Information:

This paper presents two case reports for prosthodontic rehabilitation of patients with flabby ridges using the window technique. Flabby ridges, known for their impact on denture positioning and stability, can be effectively addressed with specialized impression techniques.


The journey through these 10 articles has provided valuable insights into the prosthodontic management of flabby ridges. From pioneering techniques to modern innovations, dental professionals have an array of impression options to ensure precision and patient satisfaction. With a deeper understanding of impression methodologies, prosthodontists can conquer the challenges posed by flabby ridges, delivering superior outcomes for their patients' oral health and well-being.


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